This component is aimed at mitigating the effects of COVIDE-19 and HIV/AIDS among community members, their families and the entire community. This component in Hand To Hand Multi-Purpose Initiatives comprises of:

Support to formal education of children

Nutritional supplementation

Sustainable livelihoods i.e. through Income Generating Activities (IGAs), Increasing access to clean and safe water etc

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Our Features

Hand To Hand Multi-Purpose Initiatives values so much the sick people who are affected by the pandemic diseases like AIDS/HIV, COVIDE-19, entrepreneurship education and training to ‘develop entrepreneurial capacities and mindsets’ that benefit economies by fostering creativity, innovation and self-employment. While entrepreneurship provides benefits in terms of social and economic growth, it also offers benefits in terms of individual fulfillment, with entrepreneurship now breaking through the barriers of class, age, gender, sexual orientation, and race.


The Organisation has variuous ways of helping below are some of the ways you can help lives of the needy in Uganda through the organisation
Volunteer with us

Volunteer in Uganda and join us in transforming peoples’ lives at Hand to Hand Mult-Purpose Initiative as we return lost hopes to thosein the community we reach out to

Support our programs

Donate towards any of our programs and bring lasting impacts to the vulnerable Uganda children / community. Buy a book, clothes, mattress or simply pay school fees for Ugandan orphan and the needy

Raise awareness

Partner with Hand to Hand Multi-Purpose Initiative and be part of the life-changing activities we are doing to hurting Uganda communities. Partner with one of the life-imparting Uganda Non Governmental Organizations

Our Team

Hour Team work hard to serve the needy and change the live of people through the organisation program

Yunus Byuma
Executive Director
Tumwebaze Alex
Program Co-ordinator
Kigongo Ntege John
Finance Administrator
Asiimwe Jackline
Field Manager